Monday, January 17, 2011

I have a Dream...

I thought today would be the perfect day to stop by my blog and remember the words of someone who made a difference in the lives of so many with his dedication, passion, and love of people and peace...that he was willing to take a stand when the odds were not in his favor! Today I honor him for folling his heart and his dream!


So many people have dreams. The questions is....what do they do with those dreams?? Many people dream, and never follow up. I can certainly understand that...because, sometimes...getting there is difficult and even more so, many people don't know where to start! Sometimes life is more simple if you just "go with the flow" and never reach further for what you believe in.

I am speaking from experience. Years ago, I was the one who dreamed big, but never followed through. Over the years, 2 of the most precious people in my lives have taught me the true meaning of living and striving for more than I "think" I can acheive. It truly started with my first daughter, Haley. After watching a child suffer and be the strong young lady she was, it was hard to sit back and not analize just how she was able to be the tough trooper she was. Over the years...I watched! I watched her actions, listened to her words, listened to her prayers, saw her reading her bible and I slowly realized...she was gaining her strength by Faith and God!!

As a mother...that is very difficult to grasp, that I am learning this from MY DAUGHTER! Before Haley passed, I started relying on God more to help me through difficult time, and leaning on him in prayer and I truly know he carried my entire family through this terrible nightmare! It was by far the hardest days, weeks, and months I have ever experienced in my life, but somehow...I was always able to get out of bed the next day. There were times, I was MAD at God...very, very mad!! But each time, he found a way to shine his light and remind me that he was still there for me!

Now Haley is gone, and on a daily basis I have put my faith in God to continue to carry me. After Haley's passing..I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. The opportunity came along for me to open up my own business with a friend of my. It was "joking" conversation that turned serious in a matter of weeks. I put my Faith in God....reminded my self how Haley would "never give up"...and I "Followed my Dreams"! 6 weeks later...we have a business that is up and running!

Haley is still a constant reminder of how my faith needs to stay strong, even when I am in doubt. Our family is currently on the "hunt" for a new church home. This has been a difficult time for all of, but we will not stop going or quit, just because the journey has been a little tough, we will just keep praying about it!

So little one, who's not so little anymore is still teaching me, what I feel I should be teaching her when it comes to God and how we should treat others and act. As she was telling me a story the other night as I was tucking her in bed about how one of her friends has been being kind of ugly to her at lunch around "others" and making her feel bad. I was quick to say..."well, don't take that and dish it back out". She looked at me and said, "mom, I don't think that is what God would want me to do!". ....SILENCE.... ok, I am still learning, but God is working on me, and if it takes my kids to continue to teach me the Godly way to act, then that is fine with me! She is my inspiration daily, as she is only 11 years old, but has her "own business" that she is doing very well at, is in all honors classes at school, with a 4.0 gpa, plays soccer, is an avid softball player and loves playing the guitar and piano. I am in awe of her everyday, to see what she continues to acheive! Brenna, you amaze me!!!

Back to the "I have a Dream...", My family and God has shown me that a dream is only as far away as you make it. I have been praying for God to lead me in the right direction for me to find a way to honor Haley and everything she stood for since Haley's passing. A year ago, this week, I was slapped in the face so to speak, and I truly think it was a wake up call for me to realize what I had been praying for and I was being pulled in a direction that would lead me to exactly where I was "dreaming" of! It has taken a year for me to follow through with this, but the time has come and I am only days away with sharing the great news to all of you!

"I have a Dream..", and I am following it! Are you??

I am excited to share the news with you all on my next blog!


  1. I am right there beside you to help you follow your "dream!" Haley and Brenna are both proud of you. Can't wait for the next "dream" to begin :)

  2. Blogland has missed you. Can hardly wait for this big announcement :)

  3. Thanks for the update! I'd kinda given up that you'd make it back here! Can't wait to hear the news!
    Stopping by to let you know I'm still here praying!
    Psalms 59:16-17 But I will sing of thy power; yea, I will sing aloud of thy mercy in the morning: for thou hast been my defence and refuge in the day of my trouble. Unto thee, O my strength, will I sing: for God is my defence, and the God of my mercy.
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  4. Can't wait for the big announcement! Praying for you and your sweet family! <3 ya!

  5. Know that I'm always here praying!
    Romans 15:4 For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.
    Prayer Bears
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