Sunday, May 23, 2010

"A Night to Remember"

So, I have been in a local bunco group for the past 10 years. We get together once a month to play bunco, eat and have some amazing fellowship. We normally laugh til we cry, tell secrets that only us "bunco gals" know, get a little "mommy" time, and of course...PLAY BUNCO!!

Well, we decided to do something really outside of our box last night. We pulled out the "BIG" hair, leg warmers, dark blue and pink eye shadow, puffy sleaves, taffeta....lots and lots of taffeta, and oh yea...AQUA NET!! Yes, it was an 80's Prom / Dress Night at our May 2010 Bunco!!

Oh so fun........

Just had to share some of these CRAZY pictures with you all!! I always say...step outside your box...YOU WON'T REGRET IT!! :)

Oh, and yes...after 20 years, I finally got voted as co-prom queen!! LOL!!!